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Things to Know!

Everything you wanted to know about BCC Barracuda’s swimming but were afraid to ask.


We strive to provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which our children have an opportunity for success. Additionally, we want to create an atmosphere which encourages an overall team concept.  This is reflected in having older swimmers mentoring new swimmers and parents who support and encourage the development and triumphs of each swimmer. Our goal is for every child to be successful while having fun and making friendships.


The Birmingham Country Club swim team is an age group swim team that is a member of the Suburban Inter‐Club Swim Association (SICSA). The team consists of swimmers from ages 4‐18. The age groups are as follows:

8 and under,





18 (relays only).

Children swim the age they are on May 31. The requirements for joining the team are for a swimmer to be able to swim one length of the pool in 1 minute or faster. The goal is for all swimmers to learn all of the strokes throughout the season and compete in all of the meets throughout the season.

Swim Lessons

The swimmers who cannot swim a width of the pool unassisted and needs further help with confidence in the water can arrange swim lessons through the assistant coaches or the lifeguards.

The requirements for different levels of participation are for the safety of the kids and are based specifically on skill and not age.

S.I.C.S.A. Clubs

The clubs that comprise S.I.C.S.A. include the following (click on club logos for map):

 Birmingham Country Club


1750 Saxton, Birmingham, MI 48009

Team name: Barracudas; team color: purple


 Bloomfield Open Hunt Club


405 E. Long Lake Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Team name: Bullfrogs; team color: red


 Pine Lake Country Club


3300 Pine Lake Road, Orchard Lake, MI 48234

Team name: Penguins; team color: black


 Orchard Lake Country Club


5000 West Shore, Orchard Lake, MI 48323

Team name: Blue Carp; team color: royal blue


 Meadowbrook Country Club


40941 W. 8 Mile Rd., Northville, MI 48167

Team name: Meadowbrook Country Club; team color: green


 Forest Lake Country Club


1401 Club Drive, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Team name:

Gators; team color: navy blue


Dual Meets

Every swimmer swims in every meet. In the dual meets, there are 50 individual events and 8 relay races. A swimmer may swim a maximum of 2 individual events and 1 relay event per meet or one individual event and 2 relays per meet. The coach will decide which event a swimmer will swim. It is very important to notify the coaches when you are unable to attend a swim meet and sign the “cannot swim sheet” located at the snack bar bulletin board. Parents of the host club are responsible for coordinating the meet, which includes timing, scoring, ribbons, marshaling, etc.  Dual meet scoring is 5‐3‐2‐1 for individual events and 8‐4 for relays.  Exhibition heats do not score, but times are official. All swimmers should wear their team suits and caps for each meet. Team suits are not to be worn for practices. Following each swim meet, there is a dinner dance for all swimmers. Dinner is free to all swimmers on the team who participate in the meet. Coaches hand out dinner tickets after the meet. Siblings that do not swim on the team can purchase the kids meal by signing a chit. Swimmers and siblings eat with the swim team. Each club sets up a buffet dinner for the parents.  Parents must make a dinner reservation by contacting the club for home meets or calling the host club for away meets. Swimmers will be allowed to choose their own events for BOH, Duel in the Pool and the Mini Meet. There will be a sign up sheet for Duel in the Pool and the Mini Meet as the swim team is charged additional fees for these meets.

 Swimmers are to remain with the team from the start of the meet until the last event finishes at which time the coaches will hand out the tickets for dinner and the swimmers can change out of their suits.

Duel In The Pool

This is an annual event hosted by BCC for swimmers ages 9 – 12. There are approximately twelve area clubs from SICSA and MICSA who participate in the meet. It is an opportunity for swimmers to”swim their own age” and in some events not offered during traditional meets such as 25’s.  See website calendar for dates

Mini Meet

This is an annual meet hosted by Orchard Lake Country Club. Approximately, twelve country clubs, from our league and others, are invited to this meet. .  It is an opportunity for swimmers 8 and under to”swim their own age” in a very positive initial experience. See website calendar for date of Mini Meet.

Summer Splash

The Summer Splash is an end of the season championship meet for swimmers who do not qualify for the “A” Finals Championship. See website calendar for Summer Splash date and host club.

SICSA League Championship

This is a two‐day meet that marks the end of the season. Each club may enter three swimmers in each event. Each swimmer is limited to 2 individual events and 1 relay or 1 individual event and 2 relays. See website calendar for dates (typically last weekend of July or first weekend of August) and host club. Preliminaries are held on a Friday, with top twelve qualifiers and all relays swimming on championship Saturday.

Similar to the dual meet, dinner for swimmers and families are held at the host club after championships. Not all swimmers will participate in this meet. The finals lineup will be determined by the head coach approximately 10 days prior to the meet.


Team Practice

Morning practice starting week of June 20 (see calendar) through the end of season. Practice is six days a week, Monday – Saturday as follows (please click here to print a version of this schedule):



All practice details will also be noted on calendar.

*Practices will be organized by age. The coaching staff will notify you of which practice is appropriate for your child if changes are required.

Afternoon Practice Schedule

Start Date: 5/14/2018

Morning Practice Schedule

Start Date: 6/18/2018

Volunteer Committees

Our home dual meets and Duel in the Pool and Summer Splash this year require volunteer parental participation to be successful. You can really assist the Swim Committee and team by volunteering before, during and in some cases after the meets. We have found that volunteerism is most appropriately distributed when at least one parent in each swim family assists during the home meets.  More assistance is absolutely appreciated and will allow a better distribution of the requirements to successfully host swim meets. Our swim team is dependent upon parent involvement. Parents of all swimmers are expected to help with the team’s events.

Use the Sign Up page to pick your assignments! This way it’s easy to track opportunities for providing support.

Jr. Barracudas

Jr-Barracuda-Logo-AloneThe JR Barracuda program is designed for swimmers who are not quite ready for full practices and meets. The goal of the JR Barracuda program is to move up to the Barracuda program by the end of the season. The JR Barracuda program is designed to focus on freestyle and backstroke and to focus mainly on stroke development and technique. The requirements of the JR Barracuda program are for a swimmer to be able to swim one width of the pool without assistance. It is for the safety of the swimmers that a JR Barracuda is comfortable swimming a width in the deep end unassisted. The Junior Barracudas will practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Each Saturday, after practice, each JR Barracuda will have the opportunity to try and break the time requirement to move up to the big team. The Junior Barracuda swim practices will begin when practices for the team move to mornings starting on or about  June 15th.. Please visit the calendar for details