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BCC Team Records

The following table is the Team Record Board of the Birmingham Barracudas. These results help to recognize the past achievements of our swimmers and serve as motivators for current Barracudas. Remember, individual goals can have a greater impact than chasing a record board. From the USA Swimming site:


  • Ask your swimmers to define GOALS. Have them discuss why they set goals. Then, discuss additional ways that goals can help performance.
  • Teach your swimmers the importance of Systematic Goal Setting (using different lengths and types of goals) and give examples of elite athletes to stress your point.
  • Discuss, in detail, the tips of effective goal setting as outlined above.
  • Have the swimmers complete some of the goal setting exercises.
  • Brainstorm ways for the team to “stay on top of” the goal setting plan.

BCC Record Board

Stroke & Age GroupGIRLS   BOYS   
BACKNameTimeClub or LeagueYearNameTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & U (25)M Pyett19.38C2004K Ryan18.81C2000
9 - 10A Suchara35.76C2009F Rivard37.99C2017
11 - 12J Vanker/K Gariepy32.82C1992/2007K Ryan31.51C2004
13 - 14J Vanker30.87C1994R Lawrence29.14C2014
15 - 17J Vanker30.20C1997R Lawrence26.29C2017
BREASTNameTimeClub or LeagueYearNameTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & U (25)A Bihler21.27CK Ryan19.71C2000
9 - 10C Lynch39.52C2006C Kulka43.64C2014
11 - 12E Ernst36.02C1992C Tennyson33.83L1990
13 - 14E Ernst34.63C1995C Tennyson31.91L1991
15 - 17E Ernst35.04C1997J Lauhoff30.08C1998
FLYNameTimeClub or LeagueYearNameTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & U (25)M Pyett17.45C2004K Ryan16.56L2000
9 - 10A Suchara35.89C2009R Pifer36.45C2014
11 - 12J Vanker29.24L1992D Henneghan30.79C2003
13 - 14N Erne31.20C2015D Henneghan28.58C2005
15 - 17T Steffl28.10L2011M Arpasi25.57C2017
FREENameTimeClub or LeagueYearNameTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & U (25)M Pyett16.12C2004K Ryan15.10L2000
9 - 10A Suchara31.25L2009R Lawrence32.45C2010
11 - 12J Vanker26.55L1992K Ryan27.20L2004
13 - 14J Vanker26.09L1994R Lawrence25.07L2014
15 - 17J Vanker26.52L1997R Lawrence22.93L2017
IMNameTimeClub or LeagueYearNameTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & U (25)M Pyett1:32.98C2004F Rivard1:30.59C2016
9 - 10M Pyett1:17.54L2006R Kearns1:22.30C2006
11 - 12A Suchara1:10.08L2011K Ryan1:09.44C2004
13 - 14J Vanker1:03.52L1994C Tennyson1:04.66C1991
15 - 17T Steffl1:07.25C2011R Lawrence1:02.22C2015
MIXED MEDLEY RELAYS:NamesTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & Under 100T Crimmins, R Kearns, O Harlin, C Lynch1:21.25L2004
40 Yr 200R Kearns, C Lynch, M Pyett, J Alessi2:26.77L2006
52 Yr 200K Gariepy, C Lynch, K Ryan, J Alessi2:04.57C2007
64 YR 200K Gariepy, N Bokos, T Steffl, N Becharas1:56.38C2011
MIXED FREE RELAYS:NamesTimeClub or LeagueYear
8 & Under 200K Gillette, M Bishop, W McBride, J Cross2:31.49L2011
40 Yr 200R Kearns, C Lynch, N Becharas, C Kopmyer2:10.98C2005
52 Yr 200K Ryan, C Fontanesi, K Henneghan, D Henneghan1:52.62C2006
64 Yr 200R Lawrence, K Klotz, N Erne, M Arpasi1:43.50C2017
BCC and League Record Board. Verified against club and league databases. Leadoff splits in relays also qualify for club or league records. SICSA records can only be achieved at Finals.